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Greenwoods’ Brexit Team

In one of the most significant decisions in the UK’s history, the vote to leave the European Union produces both opportunities and threats for many businesses, whether trading at home or abroad.

Article 50 has now been triggered, allowing the process of transferring out of the EU to begin, leaving many organisations unsure of the likely effects on their business model.

Here at Greenwoods, we want to ensure dedicated support to clients during this transition. 

Our Brexit team contains key individuals, with a wealth of experience, to guide you through the changes. 

Specifically, Greenwoods offers strategic advice on the legal issues related to Brexit including:

Each of these areas is headed by a leading lawyer in their field, well informed about the Brexit process and how it affects organisations.

If you are unsure of where to start when considering the impact of Brexit, please get in touch with our Brexit lead David Woods. David is happy to discuss any concerns or issues you have.