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Communication is the key to excellent service

Karin Horsley


Communicating with clients, colleagues and other lawyers is the best way to understand what people want.  Throughout a long career, Karin has observed that talking, asking questions and, above all, listening, create a lawyer who gets on with deals, avoids misunderstandings and provides the best service to their client.  Formerly a partner at Greenwoods, Karin has always encouraged lawyers to go out and meet clients, to find out about their businesses and become part of a client’s ‘team’.  Discussions with colleagues are equally important.  Sharing knowledge and experience helps to develop commercially and technically astute lawyers.

Following a degree from University College London, and qualification as a solicitor, Karin worked at City of London firms and in-house at a building society dealing with its own commercial premises.  As a partner for over ten years, she gained expertise in commercial and tenant work, investment and high net worth residential transactions, frequently for overseas companies, banks and individuals.

Experience as a real estate lawyer means that Karin can comment on real estate matters both from a purely legal aspect and from a social view as law and the practice of law evolve to reflect changes in society.  Such changes include diminishing lease terms from a standard twenty-five years to the flexibility needed for short term occupation and working from home.  Advances in technology impact on service delivery – from typewriters and ‘snail mail’ to shared access, emails and Zoom.

Karin understands that real estate lawyers must keep looking forward whilst learning from the past to keep up with their client’s needs.  Her role is to support the Greenwoods’ real estate team by promoting its ability and expertise, keeping up to date and looking to the future.

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