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Not an identikit law firm.

Yes, this is a law firm website, but we don’t believe our website should or has to look like any other law firm.

So, rather than behave like an identikit law firm, we’ve ripped up our entire way of presenting ourselves, so it actually reflects how our clients describe us. We’ve stopped presenting who we think we’re supposed to be. Instead, we’re being who we are.

Connecting with people is critical to everything we do. Our brand highlights our ability, willingness and desire to combine a feeling of professional integrity with a genuine affinity for (and curiosity about) people.

Personal relationships are crucial to every aspect of our business; externally, with clients, contacts and winning work, and internally within and across teams and offices. That’s what we want you to take away.

So, if you don’t visit any other pages of our website today, check out the photos of the people you know or scroll through our people page and check out the skills and expertise of some of our team. They are the ones that make the magic happen. Because of them, our firm is far from idenkitit, and we couldn’t be more proud.


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