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Risk & Compliance Strategies

Achieving effective compliance is vital for all businesses, but it takes increasing levels of resources and investment for those operating within regulated sectors.

To ensure compliance, organisations must keep up to date with changing regulatory requirements and ensure systems and processes meet both the regulatory requirements as well as the commercial needs of the business. It’s a lot to take on without specialist input, especially as the penalties for getting it wrong are significant.

We know what it’s like! As a law firm we operate within a heavily regulated sector. Our Head of Risk & Compliance, partner Rebecca Austin, can help you navigate the compliance landscape with a particular specialism in anti-money laundering regulations. You can tap into Rebecca’s advice on compliance strategy and operational compliance; as a result of her approach, many of her clients see Rebecca as an extension of their in-house resource. The testimonials below speak for themselves. Working with Rebecca is a very cost-effective way to access leading expertise and great insight into best practice when you need it.

Rebecca can help you achieve compliance peace of mind through:

  • Supporting you to design effective compliance strategies that support not hinder your operations
  • Undertaking annual compliance audits so you know what’s going well and where you may be exposed
  • Identifying the policies you need and what they should contain
  • Reviewing policies to make sure they keep up with changing compliance requirements
  • Training your staff
  • Answering day-to-day compliance queries

In addition, Rebecca supports our Workplace Investigation team interviewing staff, reviewing documents, preparing witness statements and reports of her findings.

Rebecca is always happy to discuss how our service could help your business. Get in touch on +44 (0)1733 887824 or email for an informal conversation and to plan a compliance journey that is straight forward, effective and makes sure you can sleep at night.


“Rebecca provided us with succinct, practical and above all helpful advice in relation to various compliance matters, but specifically covering AML.  Rebecca forged a path through the various guidance documents available in order to assist with the production of an updated process within Stratagem.  We are grateful for her calm and good-humoured assistance.”

(Abigail Woolhouse CTMA Head of TMs & Copyright, Stratagem IPM Limited)

“Working with Rebecca Austin as our external source of professional advice enables us to have day-to-day queries answered swiftly and authoritatively, as well as undertaking an annual update of our policy and procedures.”

(David Gill, Managing Director, St John’s Innovation Centre Ltd, Cambridge)

“Rebecca’s onsite training for our staff was engaging and interactive, using recent, local case studies where possible. Knowing that we can consult Rebecca when required and receive friendly guidance enables us to deal with anti-money laundering issues effectively and professionally.”

(David Gill, Managing Director, St John’s Innovation Centre Ltd, Cambridge)

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