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Inclusion is built from the choices we all make every day to make others feel valued.

At Greenwoods, we are committed to championing diversity, fairness and inclusion in all aspects of our business. Doing so is central to our success as a firm because we are better able to understand and meet the needs of our clients if our organisation reflects the businesses and individuals we serve.

Our Diversity, Fairness & Inclusion Forum translates our commitment into positive and practical actions. Forum members work together to design and deliver initiatives to further strengthen our approach and model the behaviours that will lead to lasting change.

This initiative is a key part of the successful delivery of our business strategy and the implementation of our respect value.

Our message

“The Diversity, Fairness & Inclusion (DF&I) Forum will have a real and valuable impact across the firm and in our business dealings.

As Chair, I’m really looking forward to working with the Forum this year to collectively generate ideas on how to champion Diversity, Fairness and Inclusion at Greenwoods.   We will learn together how to best deliver initiatives to strengthen DF&I at the firm and model the behaviours that will lead to lasting change.

Every organisation can do better when it comes to diversity, fairness and inclusion, including Greenwoods.  We recognise that positive change takes effort, and that takes time.  We are committed to taking that time to involve and engage employees by listening and acting upon the issues which directly affect them in their place of work.”

Charlotte Davies, Diversity, Fairness & Inclusion Forum Chair

Our Mission Statement

Greenwoods is committed to creating an inclusive culture where individuality is respected and celebrated.

The Diversity, Fairness and Inclusion Forum will drive positive change and foster belonging, allowing us to recognise that our collective differences are what unite us.

Through continuous learning, we will raise awareness of how the little things can be what matter the most, and develop a workplace where there are no limits on our individual ambitions.

We will hold each other accountable and ensure that diversity, fairness and inclusion become second nature and permeate our firm’s culture.

Whilst we are making progress on this journey, we acknowledge that our work continues.


Guest Speaker Fleur Bloemsma – Realities of Living in a Trans Body

This year, Greenwoods was fortunate to welcome Fleur Bloemsma as a guest speaker. Fleur is a trans rights activist and artist passionate about teaching about trans issues and realities.

Find out more here.


“Throughout my adolescent life, I experienced racially motivated aggression. The older I get, the more I appreciate that we can’t always get everything right. I don’t want to be the person who makes someone else feel depreciated or belittled. I want to learn about other people’s experiences and beliefs to better understand and control my unconscious biases and promote that through the Forum.”

(Ewelina Kippen, Employment)

“I still have so much to learn about anti-racism and much work to do, so when the forum was initiated I was really interested in seeing how this applied on a commercial level and what positive mindset changes we can all make.”

(Sarah Lidgett, Disputes)

“As a member of the forum, I want to be a part of the important discussions for this firm and how we can better ourselves one bit at a time. I hope that for future generations this will make a difference.”

(Emily Rawlinson, Business Support)

The world is changing and we are far more connected globally than ever before.  We all have our conscious and unconscious biases, but it’s recognising them and doing something about them that counts.

(Chi, Partner, Disputes)

Everyone contributes to a greater or lesser extent to the environment that we work in. And I think that to move the needle on a lot of issues that fit under the DF&I umbrella, more people need to be part of the solution.”

(Euan, Partner, Disputes)

I’m passionate about promoting equal opportunity. I’m proud to be a position to support others who may not have had the best start in their life or career, feel included and have the opportunity to be the best that they can be.”

(Ian, Finance Director)
Download Our Diversity Survey Data
Download Our Diversity Survey Data

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