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How’s your data hygiene?

Data Privacy

Personal data is everywhere. It underpins almost everything you are trying to do. A rapidly expanding network of data and e-privacy law (domestic, continental and global) means that the rules governing how you can use personal data are increasingly complex. Whether you want to monetise personal data for commercial objectives or adhere to the highest standards of compliance for the people you interact with, our expert data privacy lawyers are here to help.

We can also assist you to analyse your current standard of compliance with our data privacy health checks, and we are always happy to provide in-house bespoke training.

We also love to work on unique or offbeat projects, such as advising on the impact of data privacy law on AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (the internet of things).

We can help you deliver on your strategies, whether domestic or international, by providing accurate, clear, pragmatic advice which is relevant to your organisation and your goals. Through it all, we are confident that we are lawyers you’ll enjoy working with.

Staying compliant with data protection regulations can be difficult and stressful.  We have a package to help.  Find out more about our support for the DPO.

Data privacy

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