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Unlock land value

Strategic Land

Strategic Land is land which has the potential to increase in value either through its “promotion” through the planning system or by virtue of its particular location, and often both. Strategic land development is the process of unlocking and realising that extra value by landowners and/or developers.

What do we do?

We advise landowners and developers on the legal aspects of strategic land development.  Realising value can be a complex and lengthy process. As well as legal knowledge of the development, planning and construction processes, your lawyers must understand the ultimate goal and potential issues.

Understanding the end product, whether this is a residential housing estate, offices, logistics or retail developments, means that we can anticipate end users’ requirements from project inception through planning, funding, building and disposal. Our experience allows us to keep legal discussions focussed and relevant as we recognise and understand the positions of all parties to a negotiation.

Our team deals with all aspects of the promotion, purchase, development and sale of strategic land including:

  • Promotion agreements
  • Option agreements
  • Conditional planning agreements
  • Pre-emption agreements
  • Overage agreements
  • Landowner consortium/collaboration agreements
  • Developer consortium/collaboration agreements
Strategic Land mapping

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