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A youthful, reliable and professional junior lawyer

Fran Dooley

Trainee Solicitor

I enjoy building a rapport with clients which is based on trust and mutual understanding whilst being target driven. I have client-facing experience from working in conveyancing for a small practice and experience in the real estate department of a high-pressured, fast-paced, top 10 UK (global) law firm. These two very different roles have enabled me to find a happy medium approach whereby I strive for excellence whilst appreciating the importance of client service and making the law comprehendible. I am also a dual-national and growing up with two languages taught me how to clarify words and concepts when translating between family members.

I have volunteered for Citizens Advice and I have worked as a student support representative whilst at University. I have held numerous customer-service positions in retail and hospitality. Working in these roles taught me how to approach advising on difficult situations with empathy, patience and clarity.

My background has been in property law so far with a focus on conveyancing transactions and telecoms under The Code from my two paralegal roles. My experience in negotiating contractual agreements under The Code is a particular niche and a useful area of law that many law firms do not deal with due to its emerging and largely unpredictable nature.

I studied an advanced Masters version of the Graduate Diploma of Law after completing my BA in History. I am currently studying the LPC part-time alongside working full-time, and this demonstrates my desire to succeed and resilience.

I have been a member of the Cambridge Junior Lawyers and intend to continue to be.

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