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The role of Godparents vs Guardians – revisited

When making a Will, there is sometimes confusion over the difference in roles and legal standing of guardians and godparents.  Rebecca Towey examines this in her article Godparents and guardians – two separate roles.

It is also worth noting that guardians also play a different role to trustees.  Whilst your guardians will be responsible for making decisions in relation to your child’s upbringing (for example, their education, health and living arrangements), it is the trustees of your Will who hold the purse strings and will look after the assets you have left in your Will to your child (until they are old enough to inherit them directly).  It is therefore essential that you choose your guardians and trustees carefully and consider the relationship between them, as the guardians will need to liaise with the trustees to obtain maintenance for your child.

Executors and trustees are often, by default in Will drafting, the same people.  If you cannot remember appointing separate trustees, it is worth reviewing your Will and checking whether this is the case and if so, that the people you have chosen are not only suitable to administer your estate but also to take on the continued role of trustee once the administration is finished.

Contact your usual Wealth Preservation team member, if this strikes a chord.  If you are unclear on the terms of your Will or the roles of people named in it, or you wish to review your Will due to change in circumstances, we can help.


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