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Corporate and Commercial

Top Stories
Navigating a Share Sale/Acquisition: A Quick Guide
Naming your company: Things to consider
Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023: A brief overview of the reforms
Indemnities in business-to-business contracts : A Guide
Warranties in Commercial Agreements : A Guide
Don’t walk the wire: a final verdict on implied terms
Director Resignations: Things to Consider
Articles of Association: A Guide
Share purchase agreement v asset purchase agreement
An overview of the new Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill
A cautionary tale for dealmakers: do you really want to work for free?
Does the National Security and Investment Act 2021 affect your transaction?
The Charities Act 2022 – What is it you how and will it affect you?
The Schools Bill
Commercial agreements in the education sector 
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& Podcasts


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