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Top stories

Top Stories
Does limitation apply to unfair prejudice petitions? It does now.
Court of Appeal confirms position about compulsory ADR
Fine-tuning the fundamentally sound: recommended reforms to the Arbitration Act 1996
Flash update: Will our students bring a group claim against us?
How to protect a confidential business model: from waste management to Threads!
How to challenge a public tender decision & the Public Procurement Bill
AI in Industry: How automation is reshaping the construction industry
A checklist of issues to consider before the end of the academic year
Our top five tips for discharging a freezing injunction
An overview of the new Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill
An increase in arbitration claims in the Commercial Court, but is the Arbitration Act still fit for purpose?
When is the right time to settle your commercial dispute?
A cautionary tale for dealmakers: do you really want to work for free?
HMRC Alternative Dispute Resolution – is it the right way to resolve your tax dispute?
Iceland v Iceland: Can you be frozen out of trade marking the name of a country?
UK to sign the Singapore Convention on Mediation
Superior landlords cannot be liable for Rent Repayment Orders
More haste, less speed! What we can learn from the recent Nyck de Vries loan agreement dispute.
Enforcement of English Judgments and Costs Orders in the UAE
Another royal family feud leads to $10m diamond claim in London’s High Court
What small businesses need to know about the Government’s new payment and cash flow review
Prepared to pay the price of a failed Ofsted report? A significant warning for apprenticeship providers
2023 UK Litigation Forecast: 5 key changes to watch out for and how they’ll affect you
An early Christmas present?
Can trade mark protection sometimes go a bit too far?
Are wasted management time costs recoverable in court proceedings?
Success for Greggs’ business interruption cover claim: the pandemic’s legal legacy continues
Lindt has ‘Lidl’ chocolate bunnies melted down in Switzerland
Bank Payment Fraud: Duties on Banks
Compulsory ADR – an update
Compulsory ADR – a step closer?
Beware: Fraud is on the Rise
Every Lidl Helps: Lidl pursues Tesco in High Court Intellectual Property Infringement Claim
Time is ticking – but is time of the essence?
Sanctions, sanctions, sanctions…what the education sector needs to know
All change – the temporary insolvency measures are lifted
Commercial rent arrears – the end of the moratorium and the Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Act 2022
A Superhero Trade Mark Battle: Wonder Mum vs Wonder Woman
Settlement agreements: Are they really that mysterious?
Dispute Resolution 2022: What changes are expected?
In distress? The Supreme Court confirms the existence of lawful act economic duress in English law
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