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Wealth Preservation: Meet Edward Knox

It’s probably not said enough but my love for my job stems from helping people achieve what are among the most important ambitions of their lives. 

For those that want to pass wealth to the next generation or fulfil their philanthropic aims in an efficient and appropriate way, doing so can be a vital ambition. It requires an empathetic understanding of their unique circumstances, the circumstances of their family and their assets.  It can be so rewarding, whether you are putting into action the wishes of someone who has died for their family, helping a couple prepare their affairs for old age, or helping young enterprising people begin to think about their hopes for their children.  It is difficult to replicate in my eyes. Throughout all human history, societal constructs (i.e the law) will have changed massively, but for many the goal is the same – to leave the right legacy, and that’s what I try to help people implement effectively and whilst navigating legal minefields.

I chose law during a career in the army which allowed me, through the breadth of experiences, to know my own strengths. The army was a wonderful formative experience and one I will always be proud of.  It also helped me to have the skillset to become an effective lawyer. Tenacity, and the ability to process large amounts of information in a timely manner, can be a key part of both careers.  Towards the end of my army career, I spent the early mornings before first parade and the evenings studying for my law conversion course whilst based in various locations.  This allowed me to hit the ground running when I left the army and it was very rewarding to pull it off.

There have been many memorable instructions since, but one that sticks out is one of my first. An Arabic woman, with a Bahraini husband who had died intestate and with a substantial estate in the UK. Not only did it introduce me to so many aspects of private client law, I was also a trainee being trusted by members of my team. I have also stayed in touch with members of the family since, which is an important part of the job.

The team here at Greenwoods is excellent. Professional, knowledgeable and diligent. Yet there is a clear and unequivocal boundary between work and family life, which is excellently respected. It really is a great team, who can be relied upon to support one another just the right amount, to enable that healthy balance.  It’s difficult to do the team justice to be honest.

I have 18-month-old twin girls who take up a lot of time outside the office. We live in a village on the Berkshire/Wiltshire border, and I could probably be described as living quite a country lifestyle when not lawyer-ing in central London. Holidays abroad are few are far between at this time of our lives, but we spend our down time exploring far flung corners of the UK when we can such as Wales, Cumbria, Scotland and Cornwall.

For further information on how Ed may be able to help you, click here to view his profile or to learn more about the rest of our Wealth Preservation team, visit Our People page.


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