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Top stories

Top Stories
New build properties: what to expect from the unexpected
WORK FROM HOME – are upcoming changes to permitted development rights likely to speed up the delivery of homes and revive the office to residential conversion market?
Taking a lease of a restaurant? – 5 important points to consider
Options agreements and conditional contracts… what’s the difference?
Learn about your real estate (and what we/it could do for you)
Overage: ‘happy marriage’ or ‘excess baggage’?
Fair share – should you structure your property transaction as a share sale?
New Building Safety updates you need to know about
Landlords, investors and lenders – do your bit for the planet, be ‘green’
Property owners beware! A finding of a public right of way in your garden
The Trust Registration Service – how it may affect owners of real estate
Developers beware – a warning when dealing with land subject to a public trust
What use is a ‘meanwhile use’ anyway?
The Tate Modern decision: will this open the floodgates for more privacy intrusion claims?
Will high streets become dominated by hospitality businesses rather than retail?
What’s on the Horizon for Residential Property Law in 2023?
Developers and landowners beware the pitfalls of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987!
What does 2023 have in store for property?
Property Fraud: How do I protect myself?
Tenant’s alterations – plan ahead or lose time (and money)!
Take notice! How might the Royal Mail strikes affect service of your notices?
Don’t only ask your lawyer ‘what will it cost?’ – if you want peace of mind there are more important questions
Overseas entities : Buying or selling – don’t risk not being registered as owner of the property or committing a criminal offence!
Commercial rent arrears – back to basics?
If you are a commercial landlord you need to be certain you’ve got MEES covered by 1 April 2023
Are you looking to reduce your liabilities – is turnover rent right for you?
Uninsured Risks and Commercial Leases – Is the tenant at risk?
The cost of doing business – what are your options when it’s all getting a bit much?
‘You don’t talk/listen to me’. Prospective tenants and property lawyers must communicate
Register of Overseas Entities
Developers of residential estates – no more ground rents, continuing maintenance obligations
How will the end of the forfeiture moratorium affect you?
Plans for a Lump Sum Exit Scheme
Updated rules on Right to Rent Checks for landlords
No Party Walls Notice – No Party Walls Act
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& Podcasts



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