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Wealth Preservation

Top stories

Top Stories
A case for testamentary freedom – Court rules that Grandfather is entitled to change Will
Changes to Private Client law that you may have missed
The role of Godparents vs Guardians – revisited
Q&A with London based Wealth Preservation Partner, Matt Biles
Watts v Watts: How to (not) prove a Will has been forged!
Widower secures injunction to stop late wife’s burial
Tax and Trusts Spring Update
The Trust Registration Service (‘TRS’) – An update
The Risks and Responsibilities of Trustees
Settlement reached over Lisa Marie Presley estate
How Dot Cotton’s Estate highlighted the real-life challenges of Inheritance Tax
A Tail of Fortune: The truth about Gunther’s Millions and how to protect your pet’s future in your Will
The Bank of Dave – The growing trend of disinheriting your children
Suspicious Mind – Why Priscilla Presley is disputing her late daughter’s Will
Godparents and guardians – two separate roles
Do you know how getting married will impact your personal affairs?
Do your personal affairs need a Spring clean?
What’s on the Horizon for Residential Property Law in 2023?
What to expect from Wealth Preservation in 2023
Who? What? When? – An overview of the executor’s role
Estate administration doesn’t have to be ‘slow and complicated’…top tips to assist your executors
Pushing up daisies
Family fortunes: Our survey said…
Mutual Wills aren’t always what they seem
To be an executor, or not to be? That is the question.
Ramus v Holt: A life interest can be reasonable financial provision…
Prince’s estate finally settled after 6 years
Coronation Street – The OPG weighs in on Lasting Powers of Attorney
Prince Philip’s “Secret Will”: Update
A truly eco-friendly funeral?
The dangers faced by charitable trustees in accepting cryptocurrency donations
Cryptocurrency – succession and inheritance tax
Take action now to protect your online assets for future generations
Will disputes on the rise – is your Will open to challenge?
The Royal Effect
Surge in demand for overseas properties
Plans for a Lump Sum Exit Scheme
Will Trusts – requirements to register and exclusions
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& Podcasts


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